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I have done the installation steps but the ForecastFollow does not show anything!

Please check again:

1- Have you entered your MetaTrader account number in your profile on the site?
Enter your profile with this link and check it:

2- Have you entered your username or email and password in the ForecastFollow settings?

3- Have you become our paid subscriber? Or have you used the free one-day subscription?

For more guidance, the following videos can help you:

If you are sure that you have done all the installation steps correctly,
please send us a picture of MetaTrader with the following conditions and like the picture below.

1- There should be only a EURUSD chart in the MetaTrader profile.

2- The space under the chart's name and time frame can be seen in the upper and left corners of the chart. ForecastFollow messages are shown there.

3- Experts tab can be seen in the terminal window.

4- The input tab, along with your username and password, can be seen from the settings of ForecastFollow. (Shortcut key: F7)

Updated on: 11/10/2023

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